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A Typical Wallet Address looks like this: 0x54baae98985573858f14b8faedcbe647bf0d28ed

A typical Crypto Name looks like this: $RandySmith or $MyMiningGroup


Group Membership

Achieve more in numbers with Crypto Names.  Get your Crypto Name today!

$149.95 / year

  Group Memberships are specifically designed for organizations and groups that may have a  need to control multiple Crypto Names in one membership account or to split inbound payments among several other people or groups.

  You may add additional Crypto Names to your Group Membership Account at a discounted rate of $34.95 per year each, from within your member control panel.

  There is no limit to how many groups can be created within your Group Membership Account.  Adding members to your crypto groups can be from your group created Crypto Names or from any active Crypto Name you wish.

 For security purposes email alerts will be sent to account owner's email address for all account logins, currency key changes,  and  account active. Only the onwer of the Group Membership can login using the primary Group Crypto Name and a password.

    All Crypto Names created within a Group Membership Account are the sole property of the group owner and can only be managed or transferred by the group owner. The group owner may assign its ownership to someone at anytime.

   Inside your member control panel, you will be able to create Group Crypto Names which look like this $MyGroupName. You will then add the Crypto Name of the group members, building your group member list. You will also set the percentage of each inbound payment to be distributed to each member in the group. Upon distribution there will be fees which will be used to pay the "GAS" or transaction fees for us to transfer the cryptocurrency to each group member in a distribution.

  New features and functions will be added to the Group Membership as we review feedback from our members.

  Cryptocurrency wallets, exchanges and applications which accept the Crypto Names are either Merchant or Developer members. Both have access to our API system and functions.

 When sending or receiving cryptocurrency from an approved merchant using a Crypto Name, the merchant  will access system using the API to get the public key associated with the Crypto Name and the given cryptocurrency. This will generally occur in the background.

We are always adding features and functionality to our system.  Please contact us with any feedback or suggestions.

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