A Typical Wallet Address looks like this: 0x54baae98985573858f14b8faedcbe647bf0d28ed

A typical Crypto Name looks like this: $RandySmith or $MyMiningGroup

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Crypto Names


As interest and demand grows within the crypto currency community, the need for an easy to use method to send and receive these various tokens and coins is needed. Crypto Names solves this exact need in the community by giving people the choice to use a Crypto Name which will translate to a given public key. Crypto Name owners can easily configure their name to resolve to a set public key on any crypto wallet system they choose. Groups can easily take advantage of this service to assign a Crypto Name to a group of users. The group owner can assign the group members and split of all proceeds.  Each group member will have a public key that will resolve their portion of the payment they will receive.

$thomas_williamson.btc  -  $mygroup.eth

Data Channels


Data Channels are designed to make cross platform data communications easy and secure. Our Data Network expands into many Blockchains. We have established a worldwide data network. Blockchain Application Developers and Programmers can use our Data Channels to communicate data to and from web based objects, servers and applications in various blockchain technologies. A data channel can instantly be setup and used to communicate with another server ior web portal application. Multiple data channels can be used within a given application, to ensure bi-directional data communications. We offer single data channels, blocks of 10 to 100, or dedicated blocks of over 200 data channels.

^populargame.deposit  -  ^mylawfirm.file_storage

We are responsible for coordinating some of the key elements of what we call The Human Blockchain running smoothly. While most blockchains are renowned for being a worldwide network free from central coordination, there is a technical need for some key parts of the Infrastructure to be globally coordinated, and this coordination role is undertaken by us.

A Typical Wallet Address looks like this: 0x54baae98985573858f14b8faedcbe647bf0d28ed

A typical Crypto Name looks like this: $RandySmith or $MyMiningGroup

Membership Types

Personal Membership

$39.95 /year

Personal Memberships are the most common membership offered. Each Personal Membership will include your first unique Crypto Name. You may add additional Crypto Names to your Personal Membership Account. All Crypto Names can easily be used with all supported crypto coins, tokens and currencies.  Using a Crypto Name will help the community send and receive crypto currencies faster and without chance of  loosing crypto currency due to using the wrong public Key.

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Merchant Membership

$299.95 /year

Merchant Memberships offer the ability to sell Crypto Names and retrieve Public Keys for Crypto Names on websites or applications in real time. There are several merchant levels, which determine the pricing and access structures.  Merchants will configure their existing software to utilize our Crypto Name API for many functions, such as to retrieve public keys for existing Crypto Names,  to establish new Crypto Names and to update and retrieve merchant settings and statistics.  Merchants may choose to rent dedicated Host or Zone servers to enhance their performance and pricing structures.

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Developer Add-On Service

$199.95 /year

Developer Memberships offer the ability to interact in real time with our Token Name Service in many ways. We embrace the ability for developers to build applications utilizing our Crypto Names and Data Channels into their projects and services. Developers have direct  access to use data channels and our Crypto Name API system. Each developer membership account will include two Crypto Names and 10 Data Channels. A Developer Member,  may rent Dedicated Host Servers for secure and dedicated interaction with  the Token Name Service system.  Additional data channels may be purchased.

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Group Add-On Service

$149.95 /year

Group Memberships offer flexibility to organizations and groups that may need to control multiple Crypto Names in one membership account. Group functions which allow inbound payments to one Crypto Name, then split the proceeds with several  group members . This membership will allow  the group owner to create an unlimited number of groups and set the amount each member will share in any inbound payments.  Personal Crypto Names may be used in group accounts.

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Additional Crypto Names can be purchased within your member control panel, at a discounted rate of $34.95 each. There is no limit to the number of additional Crypto Names that can be added to your account. Memberships Types can be upgraded at anytime.

For security purposes email notification of all member control panel account activity will be sent to the account owner email.

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